The genetics of the gut microbiome are being explored in omics datasets and linked to gut health. The

Dr Zhernakova’s team works on understanding the role of various genetic and environmental factors in the predisposition to common

LifeLines-deep is a subproject of LifeLines, a prospective population cohort of 167,000 individuals who will be followed for

The long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) make up most of the ncRNAs. LncRNAs are non-coding transcripts more than 200

We make use of naive CD4+ T cells which we activate by cytokines and signaling through the T-cell

The WormQTL ( project aimed to develop an easily accessible database enabling search, comparative analysis, and meta-analysis of

MOLGENIS Compute is a framework for bioinformatics that enables large-scale data and computational workflow management in a distributed

The Dept of Genetics, UMCG, is the coordinator and host of the biggest genomics project in the Netherlands

TriTyper is software for tri-allelic SNP calling. It is composed of three programs: TriTyper Importer imports raw intensity data

MOLGENIS is a modular suite of web databases for integrating genotype, phenotype, QTL and other analyses: xQTL Workbench