The WormQTL ( project aimed to develop an easily accessible database enabling search, comparative analysis, and meta-analysis of all data on variation in Caenorhabditis sppn, as part of the EU-PANACEA project. Over the past decade, Caenorhabditis elegans has become instrumental for studying molecular quantitative genetics and the systems biology of natural variation. These efforts have resulted in a valuable amount of phenotypic, high-throughput molecular and genotype data across different developmental worm stages and environments in hundreds of C. elegans strains. WormQTL provides a workbench of analysis tools for genotype–phenotype linkage and association mapping based on, but not limited to, R/qtl ( All data can be uploaded and downloaded using simple delimited text or Excel formats and are accessible via a public web user interface for biologists and via R statistic and web service interfaces for bioinformaticians, based on open source MOLGENIS and xQTL workbench software. WormQTL welcomes data submissions from other worm researchers.


Snoek LB, Van der Velde KJ, Arends D, … Jansen RC, Kammenga JE, Swertz MA. WormQTL–public archive and analysis web portal for  natural variation data in Caenorhabditis spp. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013;41 (Database issue):D738-43. Free PMC article

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