LifeLines-deep is a subproject of LifeLines, a prospective population cohort of 167,000 individuals who will be followed for 30 years. LifeLines aims to investigate universal risk factors and modifying environmental factors contributing to chronic diseases, and diseases of the elderly. LifeLines-deep comprises ~1500 individuals who have deep molecular phenotypes based on “omics” profiling, including: (1) whole-genome genotype data; (2) whole-genome methylation 450k data; (3) whole-genome gene expression data; (4) metabolomics from plasma and exhaled breath; and (5) gut microbiota.

Cohort studies (on biobank data) provide information about factors leading to the incidence or absence of diseases, notably the effects of interaction between risk factors. LifeLines is one of the most valuable, multidimensional, biobanks in the world and it will eventually become the largest population-based study in the Netherlands. LifeLines offers a unique data resource for the study of a broad range of genetic/epigenetic, biomedical, environmental and psychosocial factors in relation to healthy ageing, disease development, and general well-being.

LifeLines plays an important role in Healthy Ageing research at the University Medical Centre Groningen. The UMCG has developed a strategic focus on Healthy Ageing in all its 3 primary activities: research, patient care, and education & training. Several large-scale research programmes and facilities, such as LifeLines, have been set up within Healthy Ageing. ERIBA, the European Research Institute of the Biology of Ageing, will host many of the research groups after this summer.

TIFN prize
The Joop Roels Impact Award 2013 was presented to Prof. Cisca Wijmenga and her team for their research project on the ‘Validation of biomarkers’ at the Top Institute Food and Nutrition’s 2014 annual conference, held in Utrecht.

TIFN’s prizes aim to recognise the best scientists and scientific achievements and to highlight the societal and industrial impact of the research carried out. This award consists of the sum of €1,500 and a work of art in glass. More

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