WormQTL, Nucleic Acid Research, 2013

The GCC was the data integration center for the EU-PANACEA consortium. We developed their data integration tools and hosted the data and computing (together with GBIC). The resulting WormQTL web portal for integrating multi-omics QTL data is popular in the worm community and is currently being cloned by other research communities working on plants and rodents. The platform can be downloaded independently and was published in Bioinformatics (Arends D, van der Velde KJ, … Swertz MA (2012) xQTL workbench: a scalable web environment for multi-level QTL analysis).

See: Snoek LB, Van der Velde KJ, … Swertz MA (2013) WormQTL–public archive and analysis web portal for natural variation data in Caenorhabditis spp. Nucleic Acids Research 41.