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We are developing new techniques with the explicit aim of implementing them into general health care practice and personalized genomics. Next generation sequencing is allowing us to make huge increases in the volume of DNA and RNA analyses performed, while actually reducing costs. Profiling the genetic variation of patients and healthy individuals is now within reach. However, translating these findings into prevention, improved diagnoses, and treatment is a real challenge and demands close collaboration between experts in several fields, both inside and outside our genetics department.

Rolf Sijmons

Rolf Sijmons is a consultant clinical geneticist and professor of medical translational genetics at the Department of Genetics, UMCG. He heads the department’s Development & Innovation section, which aims to translate new knowledge and technology into clinical practice. This section includes the team which is developing gene panels for next-generation DNA analysis, the Genome Analysis Facility, and the oncogenetics research team.

His main clinical and research interests are familial and hereditary cancer, the clinical application of next-generation technology and applied informatics in medical genetics. More

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GAVIN: Gene-Aware Variant INterpretation for medical sequencing Van der Velde KJ, de Boer EN, van Diemen CC, Sikkema-Raddatz B, Abbott KM, Knopperts A, Franke L, Sijmons RH, de Koning TJ, Wijmenga C, Sinke RJ, Swertz MA. Genome Biol 2017

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