Systems Genetics: Unravelling the molecular mechanisms through which genetic variation causes disease

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In Sept. 2016 Dr. A. (Sasha) Zhernakova was awarded an ERC Starting grant to study: “ The role of the virome in shaping the gut ecosystem during the first year of life”. She will study the development of gut flora in newborns. At birth, babies have a limited number of bacteria and viruses in their guts. These increase during the first twelve months, eventually forming a stable colony of gut flora (the microbiome).

Schematic overview of study into the response of immune cells to stimulation with varied pathogens A study that is first in its kind and published in Nature Medicine on 4th July has looked at how far genetic factors control the immune cell response to pathogens in healthy individuals. A team investigated the response of immune cells from 200 healthy volunteers when stimulated with a comprehensive list of pathogens ex vivo (outside

Congratulations to Dr Morris Swertz, who has been awarded an NWO-VIDI to develop “Scalable ‘big data’ methods towards personalized genome diagnostics”.  New NGS techniques can now measure all the DNA variations in an individual in one experiment. Unfortunately, this is not yet leading to more diagnoses bacause genetic labs are drowning in the amount of data produced. Previously, tests were performed only on single genes. This VIDI project will develop personalized

At NWO’s Bessensap event on 12th June, it was announced that Cisca Wijmenga is one of four NWO Spinoza prize winners for 2015. The NWO Spinoza prize in brief The NWO Spinoza prize is the highest award in the Netherlands science arena and can be seen as the ‘Dutch Nobel Prize’. Each year, NWO awards Spinoza prizes to three or four researchers working in the Netherlands who, according to international standards, belong at the

Prof. Francis Collins, the director of NIH and Obama’s advisor on healthcare, visited the Department of Genetics on 17-18th March 2015. He gave two excellent talks to packed theatres on the exciting advances being made in genomics, the new US Precision Medicine Initiative, and aspects of healthy ageing. During his visit he met with PhD students and postdocs to hear about their cutting edge research, and he met members of the UMCG

Automated NIPT diagnostics pipeline. The development of an automated Non Invasive Prenatal Test analysis pipeline using MOLGENIS compute framework by H.A. de Weerd, F. van Dijk, E.N. de Boer, M. Dijkstra, B. Sikkema-Raddatz, G.J. te Meerman, M.A. Swertz and L.F. Johansson Department of Genetics, and Genomics Coordination Center, Department of Genetics, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands Dirk de Weerd’s poster on NIPT has won a prize in the Hanze

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Morris Swertz, Head of the Genomics Coordination Centre, has been appointed to a new chair of Big Data in Biomedical Science as of February 1st 2015. We would like to congratulate Morris on this achievement. On behalf of the Management Team Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, Head of department See more on the GCC and on Morris’ work at

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Jingyuan Fu has been appointed an associate professor per February 2015. We offer her our warm congratulations. On behalf of the Management Team Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, Head of department More about Jingyuan Fu and about her work

The UMCG Research prize was awarded to Lude Franke at the New Year Reception, held on January 6th. This is in recognition of his achievements over the past few years: gaining an ERC starting grant, an NWO-VIDI, and publishing many papers in top journals. For more information see his personal page

Harm Jan Westra has been awarded a Rubicon grant by NWO for a project proposal entitled “Localizing autoimmune disease alleles to CD4+ cell state-specific regulatory regions”. He is currently working as a postdoc in Boston under Dr Soumya Raychaudhuri, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is the only UMCG recipient of a Rubicon in this round.